Still mystified after essay feedback? Try an essay health check.

Are you wondering how you can improve your grades in philosophy essays?

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why you keep getting the marks that you do, or why you always fall just short of a grade boundary. Perhaps you understand why you got the feedback you did on a particular essay, but you need help working out how you can put that into use in future work.

I offer a detailed personalised essay “health check.” Here’s how it works:

1. Contact me for a quote

2. After we have agreed to proceed, you send me:

  • The essays you have submitted so far (and any others that are in progress)
  • All marks, comments and other feedback you have received on the essays
  • Your course outline and/or module outlines
  • Your department’s marking criteria
  • Anything else you think is relevant

3. I read all your essays, and use my experience as a tutor and lecturer in philosophy to determine areas of strength, and areas that require more work. I send you a written report detailing what areas need more work, and what you need to do to improve.

4. After reading your report, you can (a) leave it at that and work independently on the areas that need improvement, (b) request written exercises and advice tailored to your needs, (c) request subject-specific or study skills tuition. I also offer a proofreading service if you want to reach towards your full potential with academic writing in English.